Growing CBD Cannabis

You wish to cultivate entirely legal premium flowers? Everything starts with the proper selection of their genetics! Here, the cornerstone is laid for your later success. Whoever wants to meet the highest standards of quality in a rapidly growing market is cautioned to buy healthy, vital and strongly rooted cuttings.

Our hemp plants have all been selected of pure hemp seeds that are listed as legal hemp in the EU variety catalogue. Most strictly selected in order to be able to offer you the rich harvest and a well-diversified spectrum of fragrance– paired with flowers that cannot be distinguished from conventional hemp flowers.

You are a modern, open minded and innovative farmer who seeks the highest revenue opportunities for his land… ?

You seek a reliable partner who provides you with his experience, a network of labour and established partners… ?

You are already a hemp farmer and confront unexpected problems and do not know what to do… ?

Or you seek a partner who can demonstrate many years of experience in cultivating first-class cannabis, in drying and processing… ? A partner who cultivates new varieties and variations himself… ?

You have come to the right place!

We will tailor a freely selectable spectrum of opportunities fit precisely to you and your land!