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con il THC più basso

La nostra filosofia alla Swiss Medical Herb combina l’obiettivo di ristabilire la canapa in Europa come tale, una materia prima preziosa per l’industria e la medicina.

Siamo un’azienda che, attraverso l’allevamento e l’incrocio di canapa ecologica e sostenibile ad alto contenuto di CBD, porta all’uomo la versatilità e le influenze ecologiche di questa materia prima in modo piacevole.



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I nostri migliori prodotti CBD

The WhiteDawg - The White Mate

The WhiteDawg makes an imposing appearance and every flower steals the show. The fragrance of this Swiss quality indoor immediately streams into the entire room as the pack is opened and fills it with a pleasant, very intense aroma of the best Swiss indoor. An absolutely elite variety for connoisseurs and enthusiasts.
These flowers were carefully dried and fermented to develop the unique citrus aroma even further.

CBD oil

Our White Label, full spectrum MCThemp distillate oils combine the beloved aspects of the cannabis plant in its purest form. Our oils contain no chlorophyll or other impurities and therefore exhibit colour only as of a concentration of 20%. The hemp plant includes numerous phytocannabinoids such as CBG and CBC that are contained in our hemp oils. CBG and CBC in interaction withCBD give rise to the entourage- or synergy-effect. This effect amplifies the action of ourCBD MCT drops.


As the name says, Blueberry produces sweet buds that are reminiscent of fresh berries from the forest. As an Indica-dominant strain, Blueberry is perfectly suited for indoor cultivation.

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